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Commonly Requested Services

Lab Tests to Go is your one-stop shop for fast, efficient blood and urine tests. We can conduct private testing for drug screens, pregnancy, paternity, DNA, HIV, and much more!

 Employment/Pre-Employment Drug Testing

If you have a business, being able to screen for competent drug-free employees is critical. Lab Tests to Go can conduct quick and cost-effective blood and urine tests.

Wellness Screening

Stay on top of your overall health with wellness screenings. Lab Tests to Go can assist you with testing for Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Liver function, Kidney function, Metabolism, and much more. These tests will prove valuable to…

Pregnancy, Paternity & DNA Testing

When you must know for certain, Lab Tests To Go can help. We have tests for pregnancy (urine and blood tests) as well as all of the prenatal tests.

STD Testing

Ease your mind by knowing your status. Labs Tests to Go can perform confidential tests for sexually transmitted diseases, such as Herpes, Syphilis, and HIV.

Please View All Our Test Below

available tests

1. Anemia profile
2. BMP
3. CBC
4. Cholesterol
5. CMP
6. DNA (Legal/Non-Legal)
7. Drug screen
8. Estrogen
9. Hemoglobin A1c
10. Hepatitis B & C

11. HIV
12. Lipid profile
13. Liver profile
14. Pregnancy test
15. PSA
16. STD tests
17. Testosterone
18. Thyroid profile
19. Urinalysis
20. Vitamin D level
21. Covid – PCR

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