Lab Tests To Go No Doctor’s Prescription or Order is Necessary for Testing *Cash, Credit, and Debit Cards Accepted
*No Insurance Required

We are a lab testing company that can serve clients throughout Metropolitan Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The concept behind our lab has been around for over 25 years, and the people behind it have expertise in both the commercial and medical worlds.

Our company, “Lab Tests to Go,” excels at providing quick, affordable, and effective service. We are a blood testing lab, and we’ve worked with some of the best labs in the nation to guarantee the accuracy, confidentiality, and dependability of every blood test, urine sample, drug test, paternity test, and DNA test.

Requested Services *Cash, Credit, and Debit Cards Accepted
*No Insurance Required

Testing Services


  1. Anemia profile                   
  2. BMP                                   
  3. CBC                                   
  4. Cholesterol                         
  5. CMP                                   
  6. DNA (Legal/Non-Legal)     
  7. Drug screen                       
  8. Estrogen                           
  9. Hemoglobin A1c                 
  10. Hepatitis B & C                   
11. HIV
12. Lipid profile
13. Liver profile
14. Pregnancy test
15. PSA
16. STD tests
17. Testosterone
18. Thyroid profile
19. Urinalysis
20. Vitamin D level
21. Covid – PCR


We promise a friendly, clean environment with a professional staff who understands the importance of your time and will treat you like family.